Unique range of attractive clothing for people living with dementia.



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A unique range of attractive clothing for people living with dementia.

At last, an alternative to ‘adult bibs’ and ‘clothing protectors’. Limon Attire has designed a unique range of clothing to help retain the Dignity, Identity and Individuality of those living with dementia. As well as being thoughtfully and attractively designed, we have changed our language to be more dignified too. Instead of clothing protectors or adult bibs ours are called Dining Draprons®. We say ‘those living with Dementia’ not Dementia or Alzheimer’s ‘sufferers’ or ‘patients’.
The garments are designed with the wearer in mind, and not just the convenience of the carer, but each attractive and functional garment can also help take stress out of some daily tasks, such as mealtimes and showering.
So have a browse through our website. We hope you like what you see and that they can add some joy into what we know is a difficult time.

Dining Attire

When a person with dementia starts to have difficulty with eating and drinking, the Limon Dining Drapron® is a dignified and joyful means of protecting clothing from spills. This beautifully designed and made garment is much more attractive than an adult bib!

We designed this whilst looking after our own Mum who had dementia and it meant she always looked lovely. It fastens neatly and easily round the neck with a small magnet – no pressure needed, and there are no unnecessary straps to get tangled in the wash.

They are such beautiful garments, they don’t have to be worn just for dining, they also look lovely even over a nightie, and particularly when worn over our Amazing Merino sleeves. They are an easy way to look dressed for any visitors and feel good.

They are all made in England from good quality fabrics and we have included a towelling layer between two layers of the fabric for protection from spills. There is no plastic.

The lively patterns, which face the wearer, can connect them to their past, so you could look for a pattern that reminds them of a hobby they used to have or simply one that is joyful to look at and could spark conversation from the carer.

They make a beautiful and practical present.

Showering Attire

Helping those living with dementia to shower or bathe can cause great stress for both dependents and carers. The Limon Showering range came about after we found our own mother would be agitated when we were helping her to shower. These simple garments helped give her a sense of privacy and maintain dignity, and showering time became a much calmer process where all involved were a lot more comfortable.

Amazing Merino Sleeves are preferable to any other bedjacket

Our Superfine Merino Wool Sleeves are made from 200gsm knitted fabric which gives lightweight warmth. Designed to look great for day and bedwear. The short design means shoulders and arms are kept warm without the uncomfortable bunching of longer bed jackets and lessens the risk of pressure sores. The shape of the sleeve and stretch in the fabric means they are very easy to put on and take off, so reducing the risk of damage to delicate skin.
They are ideal when your loved one is spending more time in bed or no longer wants to get changed from nightwear. Pop a Dining Drapron® over the nightdress and sleeves and they look fully dressed

For more information about this innovative range go to www.limonattire.com or call 07411 575237

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A unique range of attractive clothing for people living with dementia.

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