Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. Private sittings.



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    11 Belgrave Road, LONDON, SW1V 1RB

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    11 Belgrave Road, LONDON

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Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, 11 Belgrave Road, LONDON SW1V 1RB
www.spiritualistassociation.org.uk Telephone: 0207 931 6488

Open seven days a week for one to one private sittings, face to face, by telephone and Skype. Demonstrations of clairvoyance every afternoon, and also at 6.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Walk-in Spiritual healing clinics seven days a week. Spiritual development workshops for all levels, almost every Saturday. Open circles weekly, during the week and at weekends. Open platform demonstrations twice monthly on Mondays at 6.30pm. Divine Service at 3.30pm every Sunday. Bereavement counselling, hypnotherapy and regression. Psychic Art and psychometry demonstrations, bereavement support circles, philosophy lectures, meditation, and much, much more. Please visit the website for our full programme.



An understanding of the Spiritual laws of life.
The awareness of ever ascending Spiritual states of beings,
expressing the Cosmic Intelligence.
Propagation of Spiritual knowledge.
Appropriate respect for all forms of life.
No barriers of creed or race.
Religion on a rational basis.
Freedom of opinion.
Personal responsibility for intentions.
Goodwill in all personal relationships.
The denial of any justification for cruelty.


Human survival by demonstrating the fact of communication
after death of the physical body.
The indestructibility of the Spirit consciousness.
The ability of every Spirit to progress to higher states.
The attraction of like minds in Spirit life.
The dependency of the body upon the Spirit.


Removes the fear of death.
Comforts the bereaved.
Demonstrates the truth of survival and communication.
Gives new hope to the lonely and forsaken.
Gives healing to the sick.
Makes religion a reality to the rationally minded.
Helps to unite all religions in their fundamental truths.
Provides a reason for loving our neighbour.
Encourages physical research.
Confirms much of the thought of the great Spiritual
leaders of the past, both religious and secular.




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