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World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade,  known by its campaign name "NoToDogMeat", was founded in London in 2013, in response to the terrible suffering of millions of dogs and cats each year at the hands of unscrupulous dog meat trade butchers and traffickers.

Dogs and cats are packed tightly into cages on the backs of lorries and driven thousands of miles in the searing heat to slaughterhouses where they are cruelly killed, sometimes after first being tortured, and then sold for human consumption. This practice is widespread across SE Asia in countries such as China, South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia, despite the fact it is illegal.

Hands-on work by WPDCMT has focused on China and South Korea in recent years and achievements include opening debates in UK Parliament and lobbying the UN for animal welfare laws to be created and implemented. Working in partnership with BARC, a major success was achieved in securing an outright ban on the dog meat trade in Bali, Indonesia.

In China, NoToDogMeat has been able to work with local activists to set up a shelter caring for over 400 dogs and cats rescued from trucks, for the purpose of rehabilitating and rehoming them.

Feeding and caring for this many animals is labour and cash intensive and the need is continual.  WPDCMT seeks ongoing financial sponsors as well as those kind souls who can help the rescue process by fostering and adopting rescued dogs and cats into their own homes. Plans for 2018 include building an on-site medical facility at the China shelter which can also be used by neighbouring shelters to help their dogs and cats and provide safe spay and neutering.

As a charity run by volunteers we welcome volunteers, fosters, adopters, and benefactors from all walks of life. If you feel you would like to help in any of these ways, please telephone 0207 873 2250, mail, or  visit our website

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