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Clinically proven weight loss
The amount of weight loss seen in our clinical trial was similar to studies using diet medication, but without the potential side effects or the expense. Additionally, 26% of the type 2 diabetics involved in the study required a decrease of their medication.

0.5-2kg / 1-4 pounds of weight loss per week
With each week that passes, those using our nutritionally balanced portion control plates will see a steady weight loss of 1-2kg or 1-4 pounds. You are 6 times more likely to lose weight with The Diet Plate than going it alone.

You are 3 times more likely to control Diabetes
26% of the type 2 diabetics using The Diet Plate during our clinical trial required a decrease of their medication within 6 months.

Visual calorie counting system
Simply serve your main meal within the designated sections and you'll automatically get appropriate portion sizes. No weighing food or counting calories required on your part.

Dishwasher and Microwave proof
All of our plates and bowls are made of fine Earthenware by Royal Stafford in the UK.

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