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I am an artist and illustrator living in beautiful Shropshire with my border collie , Mabel. I like to paint or draw in different mediums, depending on what is required, or how I feel the subject will be best portrayed. I particularly love to draw/paint the intricate details of a horse, dog or other animal, especially his or her face, for a commission, ensuring their individual character and soul is carefully achieved from specially selected photos.

For as long as I can remember, I have drawn and painted the animals I have loved, in any form I could manage. My father and husband both served in the aviation industry so I have moved from place to place drawing and painting mainly animals, but also boats and scenery, wherever I've lived.

I've always owned, looked after, trained and loved dogs, horses and other animals and spent my life juggling my artwork with a teaching career, and busy family life. I get particular satisfaction from painting or drawing beloved horses or dogs for people, so they have a lasting memoir for their walls, but also enjoy occasionally painting some animals or scenes in a slightly looser or more fun, abstract style, to have some splashes of colour!

I use watercolour for most paintings, but occasionally use oils or acrylics when painting on canvases, and use Faber Castell pencils or Derwent coloursoft pencils for my drawings. When painting wall murals I use emulsion and water based paints, but with an aircraft, boat or vehicle I use enamels.

If you would be interested in a unique personalised portrait of your pet, I would be delighted to help. 


07952 721551

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