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What's in a bar of soap?

Most soap is made from a cocktail of chemicals in a cheap fat heavily scented with synthetic fragrances.

Ours is not at all like that. The substance of our soap is expensive active vegetable oils - such as neem oil from neem seeds, known for centuries for its amazing healing properties for skin and wellbeing.

No sodium lauryl sulfate, no triclosan, no antibacterial chemicals, no ammonium, no artifical scents, no animal fats. Our sandalwood is authentic powder and oil from tree - the natural energizer and antiseptic.

Neem or sandalwood soap - straightaway, when you use our soap, you will know fron the feel ands texture this is true wholesome soap like no other. 

Here's your opportunity to try it. For only £16 you can order 4 generous 125g bars, inclusing free p&p in UK. Choose any combination - 4 the same or your assortment of both soaps.

For speedy service, order at - where other ideas also await you!

One Village Soap, Charlbury. OX7 3SQ

Tel. 01608 811811

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