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Begin Bridge offers:

Tuition for absolute beginners, improving and intermediate players.

Playing breaks for novice, improving and intermediate players.

Classes in Ludlow for beginners, improving and intermediate players.

Bridge Club in Ludlow.


For those of you who are newcomers to Begin Bridge, may we first of all assure you that our beginners' courses are for absolute beginners.  Although it is always helpful if you have played cards, or even whist, before, we do not assume this to be the case and our course includes card play using prepared hands.  Should you prefer more personal tuition,  we are now delighted to offer residential breaks of private tuition for smaller groups at a venue of your choice. 

We are now running at least two events each year consisting of a section of friendly bridge and an entirely separate beginners’ course at the same venue.  These have proved to be popular as playing partners can accompany and encourage anyone wishing to learn to play bridge. 

Our beginners' courses can be followed up by attending a continuation course of tuition for improving players.  This deals with overcalling in greater detail and doubling, and is accompanied by helpful card play to practise everything you have learnt.  Assuming you have had an opportunity of practising what we have taught, many clients who have been to both a beginners' and a continuation course should then have the ability to join in the friendly relaxed play on our playing breaks.  However we do run sessions of supervised play which also provide a gentle introduction to our playing events.   These include discussion of all the hands and help where required with the bidding and play. 

Our playing breaks are ideal for the player who has had two or three terms' tuition and the player who has been playing for perhaps a few years and is more comfortable playing in the friendly gentle atmosphere which is always assured at our events.   Whilst the play is competitive and of a reasonable standard, we do not issue master points. 

Assuming you play basic Acol (Standard English) and wish to come on your own to one of our playing breaks, we will always provide a partner.  You do not of course need a partner for one of our teaching events.  Non-playing partners are very welcome at any of our events.  We do encourage all our clients to play basic modern Acol (Standard English) and the weak No Trump and our teaching weekends are all based on this system.  Our events are not suitable for those players wishing to use more advanced bidding systems.


Courses for Absolute Beginners: partners not necessary

22/24 February in Ludlow

31 May/2 June in Banbury

Immediately following one of these beginners courses, one should have the ability to play socially, albeit at a novice standard


and for Improving Players: 

31 May/2 June in Banbury

3/8 and 30 June/5 July in Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Scotland


For more information about Begin Bridge events or tuition, please contact  Jane or Denis O'Sullivan

Begin Bridge

Brook House

The Sheet

Ludlow, Shropshire


Tel:         01584 873206 / 01584 878682 / 07860 364145

Fax:        01584 878682

Email:    info@begin-bridge.co.uk


Members of E.B.U.T.A (English Bridge Union Teachers Association)



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Begin Bridge offers: Tuition for absolute beginners, improving and intermediate players. Playing breaks for novice, improving and intermediate players. Classes in Ludlow for beginners, improving an [...]

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